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Charlene from Monaco: - Now she is finally home

Charlene from Monaco: – Now she is finally home

2021 was a difficult year for Princess Charlene of Monaco (43). Since May, she has been “trapped” in her native South Africa without her husband Prince Albert, 63, and their twins, Gabriella, 6, and Jack, 6.

Now, however, she is finally at home. He writes for the French newspaper beautiful morning, who posted photos of the reunited family.

She was greeted by her husband and children, who had a large bouquet of flowers, according to the newspaper. The princess also appeared with a new hairstyle – short brown hair.

The 43-year-old also brought his new dog, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, better known as the African Lion Dog.

– There were many rumors about the “disappearance” of the princess, and it was speculated to what extent it was really related to health. However, she is now at her place in Monaco again, which I think her two children value the most. They lived for months without a mother by their side, Caroline Vagel, an expert on the Royal Household, at See and Hear, tells Dagbladet.

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The princess initially went there to draw attention to the protection of the rhino, but at the end of May she underwent surgery for a serious ear, nose and throat injury – and thus had to postpone the return trip.

This summer she had to have another surgery, who kept her in South Africa for another three months. In September, she fainted and was hospitalized in the country. However, she was released from prison the next day, and the court was quick to say there was nothing to worry about.

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