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Charlene from Monaco: - Stuck in South Africa

Charlene from Monaco: – Stuck in South Africa

In 2011, life appeared Olympic swimmer and mentor Charlene Wittstock (43) turn turtle. Then she married Prince Albert (63 years old), and became part of the princely family in Monaco. Today we know that the 43-year-old is Princess Charlene.

When the prince and princess got married, they had already been married for several years. Three years after the big wedding, the couple welcomed twins Gabriela and Jackis (7 years old) into the world.

The family together live a wild luxury life on the glamorous streets of Monaco, and this weekend they should have been a self-described guest during the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix.

However, this was not the case.

Things went a bit awry on “Today Show Australia” when they talked about the royal family: Video: Nine Network
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Can’t go home

The princess is “trapped” in South Africa, where she lies flat “tall” with an infection in her ear, nose and throat. The royal family said this naturally prevented her from returning home.

The 43-year-old, from South Africa, traveled to the African continent to raise awareness about rhino protection.

“During a mission on the African continent, which is part of the fight to protect nature, Princess Charlene contracted an infection in the ear, nose and throat area, which means that she is not allowed to return home,” reads a press release .. from the Prince’s Palace in Monaco.

Supporter, fan, supporter: It might seem as though Synnøve Skarbø has gained a royal following. Reporter: Janet In Vic / Photo: NTB
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Saves the unicorn

This is the second time in two months that the princess has made a trip to South Africa. Two months ago, I traveled to the funeral of Godwell Zwelithini, the king of the Zulu nation.

He died on March 12 of complications from diabetes, at the age of 72.

Now she is back home. On May 21, two days before she attended the Formula 1 race, the 43-year-old posted a photo of herself and the unicorn to Instagram.

Its horns were removed painlessly, in an effort to drive away the poachers. As is known, rhinos are killed for their horns.

Black faults: Watch and listen, the royal house expert, Anders Stavsing, interviewed Princess Mary of Denmark in Texas. It did not go as it should.
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Twin parents

The fact that the princess is not allowed to return home to Monaco right away also means that she must be away from twins Jack and Gabriela.

Albert and Charlene used to be silent about the kids, but the Prince recently made the headscarf lower than little kids. He did so in a rare interview with the newly launched magazine Members of the royal family.

Albert revealed in the interview that Jack is more shy and calmer than his sister, but indicated that he could come with some hilarious pranks. Princess Gabriella has been described as being more open and talkative.

– She is a character who loves to dance and sing. He said she doesn’t feel any nerves when it comes to standing in front of people.

The prince also indicated that they don’t want the twins to be too much in the spotlight.

It’s something that we decide from time to time, and that remains something special to them, he says.

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