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Charlene of Monaco reveals herself without make-up in video to put an end to rumors

Charlene of Monaco reveals herself without make-up in video to put an end to rumors

It has been several months since Charlene of Monaco returned to Rock in Monaco with her family. The princess has been stranded in South Africa since last spring.

He had gone there to pay homage to the late King Goodwill Svelitini of Julius, who died on March 12 after 50 years of rule, and as part of a mission to protect the rhinoceros.

Unfortunately, once there, the former professional swimmer, who stayed in the country for ten days, underwent several surgeries after suffering a severe ENT infection.

This occurred following a normal dental operation and prevents her from taking the plane to find her husband and her children. Charlene of Monaco was unable to celebrate her 10-year marriage to Prince Albert II on July 1.

This long visit and his missed appointments led to many rumors about him. Some believe Jax and Gabriella are locked up in their home country due to failed cosmetic surgery, while others say his couple is suffering.

Face the camera naturally

Eager to retrieve the truth, Charlene of Monaco agreed to talk to host Monty Weiner, through FaceTime. This video was released and relayed on Monday, August 2nd Daily Mail, She appeared in front of the camera, and without make-up.

During the discussion, she noted that the situation was very “frustrating” for her and that she was losing her children.

The 43-year-old former athlete, who was rescued in KwaZulu-Natal province, is the head of a trust in his name, dedicated to preventing drowning, noting that he should be on his own land. October “.

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