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Charles III funeral plans update: 'It's very bad indeed'

Charles III funeral plans update: 'It's very bad indeed'

At the beginning of February of this year 2024, Buckingham Palace issued an official statement stating that King Charles III He was diagnosed with cancer. Although he is undergoing treatment, the king's health condition appears to be worrying.

According to the foreign press, the King of England's health condition is very weak. Hey Daily Beastaccording to the Page sixHe revealed that he contacted some of Carlos III's friends and that they all agreed to tell what the king was going through “It's not good”.

At a critical juncture, the power of William and Kate is being strengthened – by Carlos III

One of his father's friends William that it HarryHe said that Carlos III was not well, however “Determined to win.”. He added: “Everyone remains optimistic, but in reality it is in very bad shape. More than they let on.”He added, according to what was mentioned.

The same newspaper also indicates that the journalist, Tina Brownhad already indicated that the King of England was suffering from difficulties related to his health and that the (possible and brief) accession to the throne was through leaving the eldest son of Charles III and his wife, Kate Middleton – Which also fights the problem of tumors – with “severe anxiety”.

“Operation Menai Bridge”

The media also revealed their knowledge of this Menai Bridge Operation – Code name for King’s funeral plans – Under review. Something that would be natural at first, because it is constantly changing. But according to a former employee, the plans are becoming more urgent. “It has been dusted off and is being actively updated.”He explained, continuing, “No more than expected, as the King has been diagnosed with cancer.”you read.

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Until then, the British royal family had not made any comments on the matter.