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ChatGPT is banned in schools in the Australian state of Queensland

ChatGPT is banned in schools in the Australian state of Queensland

It’s only a few weeks old, but it’s already rocking the internet and those who surf it. Fearing the potential of ChatGPT, the Australian state of Queensland has banned the chatbot in schools.

Remember, the US state of New York also chose to ban technology in schools.

the chat It offers (almost) endless possibilities and answers even the most complex questions. For this reason, among other things, it is a suitable tool for students who need a little help with assignments, tests or exams.

The academic model that governs schools and universities around the world allows students to turn to a system like ChatGPT for assessments. After all, after review, the texts generated by the chatbot can lead to answers and complete works.

ChatGPT raises concerns in schools

With educational institutions concerned about the use of ChatGPT by students, Queensland, Australia, has decided to ban the AI ​​system in public schools.

As provided by WatchmanChatGPT is prohibited by the Queensland Department of Education until the system has been fully reviewed and it can be ensured that it is appropriate for the school context.


According to Meghan Kelly, Assistant Secretary for Learning Improvement at the NSW Department of Education, the decision, which is also being worked on in this state, will remain in place while the state considers the "safe and appropriate" method of education. chatbot integration.

Unlike these states, Education Victoria has chosen not to enforce the ban. In turn, he revealed that he would prefer to continue to monitor the progress of the AI ​​system.

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