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Chatting with a Biologist: The Role of Biologists in Aesthetic Health

Chatting with a Biologist: The Role of Biologists in Aesthetic Health

CRBio-04 promotes on March 29, at 7 pm, the 25th edition of Papo com Biologista, an event that proposes to discuss topics relevant to professionals and students in biological sciences, always in the presence of specialists.

The topic of this edition will be “Performance of Biologists in Aesthetic Health: Possibilities and Opportunities”. To discuss with the participants, CRBio-04 invited biologists Géssica Cantadori and Fernando Cesar. Mediation will be at the expense of CRBio-04 Director Bruce Amir.

The two professionals were part of the Aesthetic Health Working Group formed by the Federal Council of Biology, responsible, among other initiatives, for the text of Resolution CFBio 582/2020, which regulates the work of biologists in the region. Géssica is still coordinating GT, which is still active.

The event, as usual, is free and will be broadcast via an open link on the council’s YouTube channel.

A certificate will be issued to those who register in advance in one of the three categories:

Biologists with regular enrollment (at any CRBio);
– teachers;
– students.

Notably, the submission will be open to any interested party. Restricting the audience refers exclusively to the issuance of the certificate.

Free subscriptions:

Jessica Cantadori Funes Arenas (CRBio 033668/01-D)
Biologist (USJT), Clinical Analysis & Toxicologist (UNG), Clinical Phytotherapy (AVM Faculdade Integradas), Anti-Aging (Unyleya College) and Dermatologist – Cosmetic & Cosmetologist (IBECO). Works with regenerative and complementary therapy and in integrative aesthetic health. Lecturer, course and training facilitator. Since 2008 we have been working on the application of platelet rich plasma in orthopedics, sports medicine, dermatology and wound care. Obtained the patented technology “Protocolo Cantadori” for obtaining and concentrating platelet rich plasma. Development of BMAC Technology – Concentrating Bone Marrow Cells for Regenerative Therapies and Linkage to Ozone Therapy as a Complement to Medical and Aesthetic Therapies. Director and Technical Director of Bioscience Health, Aesthetics and Wellness Services, as well as coordinating the Aesthetic Health Working Group at the Federal Council on Biology (CFBio).

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Fernando Cesar de Souza Santos (CRBio 100547/01-D)
Biologist (UMC), specializing in chemical, physical and sensory analysis of food and beverages through the Professional Improvement Program of the Adolfo Lutz Institute (IAL), Environmental Technician and Environmental Management Technician (Centro Paula Souza), author of the previous Blog Biology Professional (Biologist: Professional in Life), articulator of the movement for the regulation of aesthetic biology, one of the creators of the Health Aesthetic Act involving the District Biologist, former Secretary of the Working Group on Aesthetic Health at the Federal Council of Biology (CFBio) and current Director of Institutional Relations at the Regional Council of Biology at Region III (CRBio-03).