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Chaves city and sports

Chaves city and sports


Physical exercises are divided into several methods, the most famous of which, in a specific way, can be practiced: football, basketball, and volleyball. But these are also impractical methods in Chavez City.

In fact, to practice these sports you need properly equipped physical spaces. For example, to practice football, at the moment, we have to imagine goals or improvise them, which is a bit difficult and not strict at all, in volleyball we have to use tape or buy a net, but finding a place to learn is much more difficult. Complex. Playing basketball is almost impossible, as there are no baskets anywhere. An alternative would be to buy a table, which is not only expensive but also difficult to move.

Although the city has many pedestrian areas available, where we can cycle, walk or run, they have already been severely vandalized, as is the equipment installed there. For a young woman like me, for example, playing one of the sports I mentioned is much more attractive than just going for a walk.

In my opinion, creating these spaces in some central areas of the city would be really important, not only to promote a healthy lifestyle, but it would also be helpful to bring teenagers and their families together.

By having a place to do the sports we love, we will no longer stay at home, often isolated in front of screens, improving our health in different ways and socializing.

Thus, the city of Chaves is a beautiful city, rich in history, monuments and museums. We want to preserve its identity, but we also believe that it is necessary to create positive aspects so that we young people can settle in the city and sport, in my opinion, should be one of those aspects.

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