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Cheaper Netflix continues to gain millions of users

Cheaper Netflix continues to gain millions of users

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Netflix's cheapest plan continues to add millions of users around the world!

About a year ago, Netflix The battle against Share an account At the global level. With this restriction, flow It sought to maintain fairness and encourage individual subscription, thus strengthening its user base. The justification also included the ability to invest more in original content.

But if the reactions on social media were very negative, with many Internet users canceling their accounts, the truth is that this decision was a resounding success! However, first, more precisely in November 2022, the company launched a new product Cheapest plan.

At a monthly cost of $6.99, gives access to Full HD (1080p) and covers a large part of the catalog. In contrast, users are exposed to 15- to 30-second commercial breaks before and during programs, for a total of approximately 4 to 5 minutes of advertising per hour of content. In comparison, the Standard plan, which is ad-free, is available for $11.99. In short, it is possible Save five dollars If you choose the plan with ads.


Original image by Karolina Grabowska, via Pexels

Wednesday, Amy ReinhardHead of Advertising at Netflix, Announce The number of monthly active users on the ad-supported plan has exceeded 23 million. This value represents a significant increase of about 8 million in just two months. The company reported in November 2023 15 million From subscribers all over the world.

If we go back to last May, we realize that the growth was truly remarkable. This is because the platform celebrated what it had achieved that month Five million of active users. However, no official date has been announced for the launch of this plan in Portugal.

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When it becomes available, will you sign up for this Netflix plan?

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