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Check out the best tips to make use of an old smartphone

Check out the best tips to make use of an old smartphone

The global challenge of the 21st century is the accumulation of electronic waste and the rapid obsolescence of the electronics we use every day. Our cell phones, for example, are replaced in less than two years on average, and the advancement of processors, screens and cameras causes most users to ignore or abandon old devices.

The apparent paradox is that the hardware we currently consider e-waste because it is outdated is often more powerful and capable than the more expensive computers we had 15 years ago. So, can we use some creative solutions to reuse this technology in our lives? The answer is yes, so get your old smartphone out of the tray and check out this article.

Smartphone as a security camera

Security cameras are nothing new, but while in the last century we had to content ourselves with low-resolution black and white photos, today we have a series of high-resolution smart cameras that are constantly connected to the Internet.

And there is nothing better than a smartphone to perform this function, it is only important to avoid video interception, by following basic digital security guidelines, such as configuring the firewall on your internet router, and avoiding weak passwords ( The most common passwords used in Portugal are listed by ExpressVPN and should be avoided), and activate biometrics when available. Then, just install one of the security camera apps available from app stores, such as WardenCam, IP Webcam, and AtHome Camera.

Using your smartphone as a camera has many advantages: apps can recognize motion and automatically save video in services like Google Drive, they can send notifications on your main smartphone, integrate with smart platforms like Google Home and IFTTT and even recognize objects using artificial intelligence. All this with low power consumption and high accuracy.

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car gps

Using your phone with apps like Google Maps and Waze on a car dashboard mount is nothing new. The problem is that using your current smartphone for this task brings you a number of problems: exposure to the heat of the sun and constant use degrades battery life significantly, and the always-on screen creates Copy problem on OLED screensRemoving and placing the smartphone from the holder will corrode the mechanism.

On the other hand, the old smartphone still has the same accuracy as the GPS signal, there is no need to worry about the battery or the quality of the screen, and it can be left in the car constantly to calculate routes and act as a multimedia center with music and podcasts.

smart speaker

Smart speakers have become a very popular product category in Portugal and around the world recently. These devices combine the functionality of a Bluetooth stereo with the power of a digital assistant like the Google Assistant. Because if we have an old Android, and speakers, we can create our own version without spending anything.

On your Android device, install your favorite media apps like Spotify and Apple Music, then update the Google app to the latest version. In the application options, activate the “Ok, Google” command and train your voice, and also enable access to smartphone data. Now, just plug the smartphone into the socket, plug in the speakers, and place it in the living room or kitchen.

The smartphone will be able to receive voice commands to play music, set timers, see information on the Internet, organize schedules and shopping lists, answer questions, and everything you would expect from a virtual assistant. Plus, it’s easy to add high-quality speakers without breaking the bank.

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smart alarm clock

The vast majority of people wake up every morning with a simple and often exhausting alarm. But with a smartphone as an ally, it’s possible to change that experience. It is possible to combine the smart alarm clock app, always on clock, background sound app and meditation to create a unique experience.

With this set of apps, your smartphone is able to monitor your night using vibration and microphone patterns Calculate the exact time to sleep And wake up automatically, leaving you with power without any headaches, plus the screen can constantly display notifications, calendar, events of the day and temperature, and the smartphone can be programmed to emit natural sounds, waterfalls, rain, insects, and even soft music whenever I lie down to sleep.

And these are just some of the utilities that an old cell phone can offer: a torrent server, an e-book reader, a security code for banks and even a 4G router, it is impossible not to find an interesting feature of such a powerful and versatile device.