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Check out what was written after the Cosmic Christmas game

Check out what was written after the Cosmic Christmas game

What is this tennis performance of Iga Swedek? Polish woman Madison Franklin overcame without any problems and advanced to the next round of the WTA Miami tournament. Experts are pleased with the performance of the leader of the world rankings.

Lucas Witzick

Iga Switech

PAP / EPA / ERIK S. LESSER / In the photo: Iga Świątek

The Polish woman Madison was determined in her confrontation with Frank. Iga Swidek did not disappoint and knocked down his rival in two sets. In the first of them, Polka won 6-0, and in the second, he gave his opponent three games. This is his thirteenth consecutive victory in WTA tournaments.

In the 65th minute, Swedek won 55 of the 89 points he played (61.8%). She applied once and used five of the 10 break points herself. The Polish woman sent 25 final strokes, while Frankl scored four. Once again she showed that she is in amazing shape.

Experts are happy to show Swedek on the court. “This is a testament to the self-confidence of the Polish woman, especially the first set,” Adam Romer wrote on Twitter.

“Bagels and cookies. Delicates! Iga Świątek A dream for competitors. 13 consecutive wins, 2022 draw 22 matches and only 3 defeats. Also won 7 sets 6-0” – noted Łukasz Jachimiak.

This is Sweden’s third match and second victory against Frank. “I wonder what the next meeting of the two women will be like” – wrote Rafał Smoliński from WP SportoweFakty.

“The food in the facility is terrible, so I’m eating Ega’s amazing game. Today I’ve finished,” Jonah Djokovic-Kosteka commented on the Canal + Sport match.

“Some of the games Iga created in the match against the Americans lifted our jaws off the ground” – wrote Michał Pochopień.

“Iga Świątek continues his dominance in the American arena, winning his thirteenth consecutive game. The ‘winners’ draw against Madison Frank – 26: 4” – Marc Weiss calculated.

“I did not expect Iga Swedek to finish her race before I went to sleep. But the big thing is that she can pass the first rounds very efficiently. Saving energy is always important,” Sebastian Vorschecha added.

“Madison Frankl played very well today, but to win with Ica at the current level, you have to play in a space match” – said Maciej Zaręba.

Rafał Stec mentions the Oscars. “I have a strange turmoil in space time, Hollywood has teamed up with Miami. Will Smith, who played Serena Williams’ father on one screen, and Iga Swidek, who plays Serena Williams on another screen,” he wrote.

Bardos Ignaci drew attention at short intervals before the next match. “Bravo Iga Świątek, no bravo Miami Open. Very short interval – very short – and competition with Koko Kauf after 19 hours” – said the commentator.

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