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Check what's being said in the press::

Check what’s being said in the press::

The season ended just two weeks ago, but we already have our first major TV series on the market. Pedriño’s season did not stun the Benfica captains, and therefore, there were many news stories القصص That the Brazilian midfielder is leaving the light.

Well, this Wednesday is no exception and the national sports press is bringing news regarding the future of the 23-year-old midfielder.

Since it has already been introduced in recent days, Shakhtar Donetsk It is, so far, the main interest in the services of Pedrinho It seems, There is news to registers.

still The sports press is not unanimous. According to newspapers Record e the ball, Jose Boto, head of scouts for Shakhtar and a former Benfica scout, was this Tuesday at the Benfica campus in talks with Luis Felipe Vieira about Pedriño, but the conclusions of the meeting were different for both sources.

Closed deal or canceled deal?

While the newspaper Record give the deal closed, the ball Ensures that the agreement is far from being concluded.

However, regarding the first scenario, the same post mentions that The two clubs have reached an agreement on the transfer From the Brazilian average with values ​​around 18 million eurosas well as Five-year contract.

Remember that if the transaction is made according to the above values, then Benfica fit exactly the amount they still owe CorinthiansThe club that sold the player in March 2020.

On the other hand, regarding the second scenario, the ، The work is far from completeAs the values ​​requested by Benfica exceed 20 million, amounts Shakhtar are not willing to pay and are close to those exercised in the club’s most expensive transfer ever (23 million).

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Whatever the case, one thing is for sure: This series still promises to have a lot to talk about.

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