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Chelsea guaranteed victory in the derby!  The Blues League Cup final is approaching

Chelsea guaranteed victory in the derby! The Blues League Cup final is approaching

Goals for Chelsea In the fifth minute German Kai Howards shot and in the 34th minute the defender Ben Davis converted the ball into his own goal.

Lukaku appeared in the band The Blues with striker Rome. The Belgian, who bought more than a hundred million euros from Inter Milan over the summer, expressed his dissatisfaction with his role in the team a few days ago in what was considered a criticism of coach Thomas Toussaint. As a penalty, the player was missing from the squad for Sunday’s Premier League victory against Liverpool (2: 2), but after two talks with the German coach on Wednesday he appeared on the team and played a full 90 minutes.

Chelsea have won the League Cup five times, Tottenham have won four, and last won in 2008.

The first game of the second semifinal pair was originally scheduled for Thursday. However, at Liverpool’s request, he was suspended due to numerous contaminants between players and coaching staff. German coach Jர்கrgen Klopp had already tested positive for the corona virus, which now includes many of the victims. His Dutch assistant Pepijn Lijnders. The club temporarily closed its training center on Wednesday.

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With the decision to postpone the match, the order in which the matches will take place has changed. The first game will take place on January 13 at Anfield, with the rematch a week later in London.

The Karabakh Cup final is scheduled for February 27, as the tournament will be named after a major sponsor from 2017 onwards.