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Chikungunya Vaccine in Valneva Positive Preliminary Results |  world and science

Chikungunya Vaccine in Valneva Positive Preliminary Results | world and science

Candidate vaccine ‘also shown to be highly immunogenic, even in elderly participants’France Press agency

Posted on 05/08/2021 8:51 AM

Paris – The French-Austrian laboratory Valneva announced Thursday 5 “positive preliminary results” for the vaccine against chikungunya, which is currently undergoing phase three testing.

Valneva said in a statement that the vaccine tested on 4,115 adults in the United States produced “neutralizing antibodies in 98.5% of participants 28 days after a single injection.”

This number is well above the 70% limit for this immunization, agreed with the US regulatory body, the Food and Drug Administration, “for use in a marketing authorization application.”

The company said the candidate vaccine “also demonstrated to be highly immunogenic, even in older participants” and was “generally well tolerated”.

“These first results from a phase 3 (last before commercialization) trial of a chikungunya vaccine mean we are one step closer to addressing this important and growing unmet public health threat,” said Juan Carlos Jaramillo, medical director for the City of Valneva. , Quoted in the press release.

Final results are expected over the next six months, with the goal of bringing the product to market “as soon as possible”.

In addition to a vaccine against chikungunya, a virus transmitted by mosquitoes, Valneva is also developing an immune system against covid-19, which is currently in phase 3 clinical trials.

In addition, the Lyme disease serum is in phase II clinical trials in humans, which is the intermediate step to ensuring its efficacy.

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