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Children and adults are vaccinated on Saturday (7)

Children and adults are vaccinated on Saturday (7)

Children and adults are vaccinated on Saturday (7)

Posted on 07/05/2022 at 20:06

Saturday (7) was marked by the vaccination of both children and adults in UBSs spread throughout Jundiaí. For children, the triple virus vaccine against influenza and against Covid-19 has been applied. There were 236 doses of influenza, 276 doses of triviral and 120 doses against Covid.

Most children between 6 months and 5 years of age have already taken the opportunity to have the two available vaccines. As in the case of 4-year-old Isadora Simoni Fiori, who overdosed on the triple virus in addition to the flu vaccine. She was accompanied by her mother, Marianne Thays Fiorini, who has already taken 3 doses against Covid and is awaiting the release of the flu vaccine for her age group.

“I’ve had all the vaccinations according to her age,” says the mother.

Isadora Simone Fiore, 4, gets vaccinated

The adult public continues to receive booster doses of Covid-19 and the flu vaccine. 1,006 doses have been applied against influenza and another 550 doses against Covid-19.

Maria Marta Zaparoli, 57, took the opportunity to take a booster (D4) against Covid and flu shot. “I waited for my age group to be released so you were aware of the two vaccines,” he comments.

Maria Marta Zaparoli took the two available vaccines on the same day

Saturday total doses applied to adults and children:
1242 doses of influenza
276 Triple Viral Doses
670 doses of COVID-19

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