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Apresentação do espetáculo interativo Dengue - O Fim da Picada - Foto: Divulgação

Children from Anhumas Quero-Quero take part in the fight against dengue fever

With the help of Associação Anhumas Quero-Quero, from Campinas, the children and their families have participated in a special program over the past week. The three units of the Foundation – Anhumas, Cultural and Educational Center and Quero Quero – received the interactive presentation Dengue – O Fim da Picada.

The aim of the play is to teach in a playful and fun way about the care families should take in their homes to prevent the spread of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits diseases such as dengue fever, Zika and chikungunya.

In addition to watching and participating in the theatrical performance, the book “Dengue – Ya Vim da Picada” was presented.

The goal is to encourage children to share the story with their families, and to reinforce the importance of fighting mosquitoes. Audiobook is also available on the website

Associação Anhumas Quero-Quero assists about 500 children during school hours, with the aim of reducing the social risks of the street, as well as helping their families, residing in the areas covered by the Social Work Department in the eastern and southern regions. More risks and social vulnerabilities in Campinas.

The play is produced by the federal government through the National Program to Support Culture (Pronac), produced by Lumax and sponsored by Suominem Corporation.

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