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Children receive care during an oral health campaign promoted by Boa Vista City Hall

Children receive care during an oral health campaign promoted by Boa Vista City Hall

The operation took place on Saturday morning at the Center for Dental Specialties (CEO). – Photos: Andreza Marriott

On Saturday morning the 16th of this month, Boa Vista City Hall promoted its first Children’s Oral Health Campaign at the Center for Dental Specialties (CEO). In total, about 50 children attended the procedure and received specialist assistance from the unit’s pediatric dental surgeons.

This is the first joint effort planned in the municipality. According to Marinez Quiroz, oral health coordinator at Boa Vista, the patients being treated have difficulty cooperating during treatment and need a specialist who specializes in children.

“The children we serve are referred by basic health units so they can receive specialized care here at CEO. Most of the time they are patients with a high incidence of cavities, and in many cases they have tartar deposits on their teeth and need adjustment.

Child care

Oral treatment for these children began during the collective effort and continues with specialists in the municipality until all necessary steps are completed for each patient. Alice Brenda, who is self-employed, took her 8-year-old daughter, Vittoria Gabrielli, to a pediatric dentist appointment and agreed to the service.

“I really loved it. The service was great and the staff were very attentive to my daughter. She needed her teeth restored due to cavities, but she was very calm when she entered the office, she didn’t feel afraid and everything went well during the procedure,” he said.

Fortification at Boa Vista

In addition to oral health care, the measure included vaccinating children with old immunization records. Housewife Mislyn de Oliveira took her 7-year-old son, Guilherme Oliveira, to see the pediatric dentist and took the opportunity to update the child’s vaccine doses.

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“My son is in the priority group for the influenza campaign, and he has taken the annual dose for 2023, as he has not yet been vaccinated. But the other vaccines are all up to date, and the only thing missing is the flu. Since they do it here and I always have his card, it worked and he got vaccinated.”

Influenza and Covid-19 vaccination points

During Saturday the 16th of this month, Boa Vista City Hall has made four vaccination points available throughout the city: UBS São Vicente, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.; Producer Gallery from 8am to 2pm and CEO from 8am to 12pm. At these locations, only flu and COVID-19 vaccinations are being offered.

The fourth vaccination point will be on Saturday at Praça Aderval da Rocha Ferreira, Pintolândia neighbourhood, during the Natal da Paz parade, from 7pm to 9pm. The vaccination will be against influenza and Covid-19. Anyone can be vaccinated from 6 months old. Just take your vaccination card and SUS card with you.

Jacqueline Pontes