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China bans Micron and the manufacturer will invest US$3.6 billion in Japan

China bans Micron and the manufacturer will invest US$3.6 billion in Japan

There has never been a good relationship between the USA and China, but recently the geopolitical conflicts between the two powers have intensified and the most obvious influence is affecting the technology market. Many manufacturers said goodbye to the Chinese state and now it is the American giant Micron that has changed course and will invest $ 3.6 billion in Japan, after it was recently banned from China.

Micron invests US$3.6 billion in Japan

Micron is an American company known primarily for its memory and storage chips. And since it is headquartered in the USA, it is only natural that this brand also has a conditional relationship with China. This situation caused Xi Jinping's country to even start investigating Micron due to cybersecurity issues.

China recently decided to ban Memory maker, and in response, we know that now Micron will invest US$6.8 billion in Japan The factory already has it in the Asian country. This investment will above all increase the strength and quality of production by the American company in Japan. The announcement was made during the G7 meeting held this year in Hiroshima.

To this end, Dutch ASML will take the most advanced scanner intended for the production of EUV (Ultra Extreme Violet) chips to Japanese facilities. The goal then is to modernize the plant so that it can begin producing a new batch of modern 232-layer DRAMs.

At the meeting, Rahm Emanuel, the US ambassador to Japan, said the two countries will work together to ensure the integrity of the two supply chains and also provide assistance to other companies targeted by China.

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This novelty is very important for Japan, which can thus see the strengthening of the technological industry in its country and the acquisition of advanced ASML equipment, since the country has not yet had any EUV scanner. The goal is for Micron to help turn Hiroshima into a global memory manufacturing hub.

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