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China is “indistinguishable in quality” from Europe

China is “indistinguishable in quality” from Europe

Chinese cars arrive in Europe Not very differentIn terms of quality to those found on our continent. We are not the ones saying that, nor is this the perception hovering over the automotive press. This is the opinion of MHP Consulting, the company to which Porsche has entrusted some of its market consultations and which is a strategic partner of the brand.

Vehicles from China and Europe are similar in quality

The quality of vehicles imported from China is no longer comparable to what it was 10 or 15 years ago.

In fact, the new models being imported into Europe are indistinguishable, in terms of production quality and appearance of materials, from what we are used to in Europe.

These words come from the mouth of Augustin Friedlin, Director MHPIn an interview with the German magazine Cars and sports.

Until now, the main differentiator between European and American builders has been the quality of materials and construction. However, China has caught up and begun to make progress in what Friedlin considers the key area: the program.

You will definitely be differentiated through the program. This will not be limited to vehicle software.

It will also have a lot to do with how the car is integrated into other ecosystems: for example, how smartphone digital ecosystem integration works, whether there are digital streaming services or whether the car offers smart charging.

The electric car opened a previously unknown door for the automotive industry. The buyer profile is changing and some of each brand's premium items are starting to be less valuable. Up until now, the customer knew where to turn if they were looking for specific features; But that has been mitigated.

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Over the years, cars have become increasingly standardized. Industry synergies to save costs have led to product homogenization.

Tesla is a good example of the change in mindset

Tesla decided to bet everything on software, and made vulnerability a trait. He managed to do it Make your weaknesses feel like a modern trait. Its huge screen, where all its functions are concentrated, allows you to save on spare parts and manual design and, at the same time, raises eyebrows for those who have not yet got into one of its vehicles, despite having been on the market for several years.

Moreover, there is good software development, which now includes streaming services, which will be essential in the electric car, whether to create routes, plan trips or to differentiate it from the rest of the competitors. Tesla cars have become more than just vehicles.

MHP points to NIO and XPeng as the most advanced brands in software-based systems, which also includes autonomous driving systems. The consulting company confirms that the battle is not lost. But he warns that Chinese manufacturers have taken a big step forward.

Anyone who has had the opportunity to get into NIO or BYD can see that the qualities are typical of mid-range and high-end European vehicles. These are well finished and well tuned cars, once again delivering vehicles in these categories At a much more competitive cost than the rest of the market.

Moreover, the EU's security commitments helped achieve this alignment Chinese cars are sold in Europe along with those made by local manufacturers. Until now, safety has been a differentiating value, but the enormous technological equipment required as standard has partly negated this quality.

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The European Union itself has become aware of this problem and has begun considering the possibility of imposing new customs duties on vehicles coming from China. The problem is that the EU does not have a strong enough electric car industry on European soil to fight with these manufacturers, which is why it is opening a trade war. It may be dangerous For the interests of European buyers and to achieve the ambitious climate targets set by the institutions.

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