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China is learning to live with Corona: – It cannot remain closed forever

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Shanghai: In this photo taken on December 20, 2022, two people wear masks and masks when they arrive at a hospital.

The authorities in China suddenly removed the strictest Corona measures after a large wave of protests. The infection is now spreading rapidly across the country.


Just a few weeks ago, teacher Yang Zengdong and her husband could have ended up in a quarantine center when they tested positive for Corona.

But now Yang and his family can isolate themselves at home.

– I wasn’t too worried, I was well prepared with food and medicine, Yang says about the positive test.

It is Reuters news agency that spoke to Yang, who was injured recently.

People in China are now learning to live with the coronavirus, after the authorities suddenly moved away from the strategy to eradicate the virus.

Until December 7, China tried to suppress all infections with very strict measures.

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Hospital: Health workers are working hard as the coronavirus continues to spread in Shanghai. Photo taken Dec 22, 2022.

Infestation numbers in the sky

250 million people have been infected in the past 20 days, Chinese authorities estimate behind closed doors. It’s reports financial times.

This corresponds to 18 percent of China’s population which is much higher than the official infection figures.

Sun also said the number of infected people is still rising, according to two sources with knowledge of the matter.

The development of the infection occurs after China moved away from a zero Covid strategy in which almost any infection case was met with strict restrictions,

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The Financial Times also writes that crematoriums in China are struggling to cope.

Strong protests

Corona restrictions were met with a wave of protests this winter, which is very unusual.

At the end of November, factory workers clashed with police at the world’s largest iPhone factory in the industrial city of Zhengzhou.

Demonstrations also broke out at the beginning of December in several of China’s largest cities, including Shanghai and Beijing, according to the Associated Press news agency. A listing on Chinese social media claimed that there were demonstrations at 50 different universities.

It was the accident that caused a deadly fire in an apartment building in northwest China. The country’s “zero Covid” policy has been blamed for rescue workers not getting to the fire in time, he writes AP.

Huge Factory: The factory in Zhengzhou is one of the largest in China, accounting for half of the world’s iPhone production. Photo: AP

– It can’t stay closed forever

Previously, those who tested positive for Corona were moved to quarantine centers with poor heating, sparse bedding and overcrowded toilets, according to Reuters. Strict rules could also lead to the closure of workplaces, regions and cities for a longer period of time.

Yang and his family became infected for the first time after the strict measures were lifted.

“When I think about this situation, I just think, wow, we’re so lucky that we can now self-isolate at home,” says Yang.

The family has mild symptoms and Yang believes the worst is behind them. Now she is looking ahead and hoping for better times, without drastic measures.

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– This wave is something we have to deal with, because it is impossible to stay closed forever, says Yang.

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Crematoriums reported an unusually high level of activity after infection control measures were lifted.

Problems in the health care system

At the same time that some are elated that China is finally opening up, many fear what might happen when infections are suddenly allowed to spread.

Reuters also spoke to Dr. Noura, who works in a hospital in Shanghai.

There, the hospital is completely full, they have little medicine and the staff is overworked.

– The covid control rules were suddenly relaxed. Noura, who does not want her full name to be revealed, says hospitals should have been notified in advance to make appropriate preparations.

At the same time, China has refused to use Western corona vaccines, which have been shown to be more effective than Chinese vaccines.

There is also uncertainty about the Corona numbers that China itself is reporting.

According to VG’s Corona special Just over 16,000 people have died of Corona in China. This is very low compared to other countries.


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