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Chinese brands steal the works of the Portuguese painter

Chinese brands steal the works of the Portuguese painter

yoAn illustration by Porto artist Lara Luis is replicated and sold on several sites. The artist denounced the situation on Instagram, where she has more than 22,000 followers. At first, Lara Lewis said that she found out that one of her works would be sold at the fashion giant Shane, for whom a T-shirt with her drawing was available for six euros.

“Shein stole my drawings and is selling them on her website. I can’t even explain how sad I am about this. As a freelance artist who has spent years working hard and devoting to creating original work, it’s almost as if they tore a part of me,” he began sharing in a post On social media, this Thursday.

According to the artist, the “worst thing” about the whole situation is that there is nothing she can do to combat the plagiarism of the Chinese company.

“I can’t do anything against a brand this big in China. So the only way to get their attention is to make noise. Please help me and share my bad luck with taggsheinofficial to see if we can get in touch with them,” Lara Lewis pleaded with those who could support her fight.

However, the message was widely shared and the product was eventually withdrawn, although there was no reaction from Shein.

However, on Friday, the illustrator shared another message saying she found out that Shen’s plagiarism was “just the tip of the iceberg”: “I’ve found that many sites (mostly Chinese) sell the same illustration and that the situation is still worse because they say the design He is theirs.”

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Lara Lewis reiterated that there is nothing she can do to prevent these companies from selling their business. “It’s impossible to control,” he said.

The painter also emphasized that the industry should not be able to fit artists’ work in this way and noted that there must be some structure in place to protect authors from such intellectual property thefts. “This is all very sad,” he concluded.

The subject of contention is the drawing of a black cat with the caption: “You work, I see and I judge.” This and other work can be obtained legitimately on the artist’s website

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