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Chinese customs seize hundreds of Intel CPUs, SSDs, and RAM

Chinese customs seize hundreds of Intel CPUs, SSDs, and RAM

With some hesitation, news arrives of people trying, illegally, to bring certain technological equipment into some countries. And China is considered one of the most attractive destinations for this, due to the restrictions imposed by the United States of America, but not only. Recently, another episode occurred where hundreds of Intel CPUs, SSDs, and RAMs were intercepted by Chinese customs authorities.

China confiscates hundreds of CPUs, hard drives and RAM

In addition to the various news about concerns in customs, there is now news on Discovery Hundreds of Intel processors, SSDs and RAM are trying to illegally enter Chinese territory. Specifically, the Chinese Customs managed to detect and seize a total of 1,747 pieces of contraband equipment. In all there were 837 Intel processors, 900 Corsair RAM and 10 Kingston hard drives.

The discovery occurred on July 28, and customs authorities discovered the equipment inside a hidden compartment of a bus that made the journey from the Macau-Guangdong border.

In addition to US restrictions, this situation happens a lot due to the fact that in some regions, such as Hong Kong and Macau, the equipment has 0% surcharge, in this way, many people try their luck by buying products in those countries. The locals took it "through the horse's door" to other parts of China where the taxes are greater, at a rate of 13%.

But as the need for ingenuity increases, Chinese customs are already more than willing to spot these situations, and there have been several reports of thousands of seizures of technological equipment over the years. Also in May, 70 graphics cards were discovered inside a load of live lobsters and in April, 508,000 items were seized trying to illegally enter the Asian country. And during all these bouts, it turns out that Intel processors are one of the most frequently bootlegged products.

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