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Christian Porsche, Uli Torp and Hans Wilhelm Steinfeld talk about the times at NRK

Christian Porsche, Uli Torp and Hans Wilhelm Steinfeld talk about the times at NRK

For the past 40 years, NRK veterans Christian Borch (79), Ole Torp (71) and Hans-Wilhelm Steinfeld (72) have been rolling in front of the state channel’s camera.

From 2014 through 2021, one after another, they fell off the TV screen, and today they’re enjoying retirement—at least on paper.

– I never said that

In an interview with Dagens Næringsliv, the journalists came out forcefully against the so-called tabloid journalism and you, and at the same time made stinging revelations from their long careers.

– Smoothie soup made with celebrity fluff

The famous NRK trio agree on a lot – but some seem to have stronger opinions about certain things than others. Borsch explains to Dagens Næringsliv that he has hardly seen Dagsrevyen since he left.


– no longer matters. I didn’t want to sit back and resent others doing stupid things that I didn’t do myself, he says.

Video originally posted on on 06.03.2014 TITT-TEI: Ole Torp suddenly looks into the background during a weather report on NRK. Video: NRC
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Earlier this year, Porsche’s autobiography Behind the Scenes: Recollections of a Life at the Sharp End of Journalism hit store shelves.

In the book, he claims that NRK “more or less unconsciously succumbed to commercial trend thinking and slid sideways into a mentally dead market psychosis,” according to the paper.

achieve return

achieve return

In the interview above, he explains what makes him so angry. In Burch’s view, the state channel’s website has become “celebrity soup and you’re journalism”.

Women’s abstracts and proposal letters

Porsche, Torp and Steinfeld can’t escape the fact that – for many Norwegians – they are celebrities themselves.

We had a chat with a former kids TV profiler. Correspondent: Henriette Eilertsen. Video: Nora Skafog.
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While Steinfeld, for his part, claims to have received “a lot” of interest over time, Porsche still has proof of that.

– So I have a drawer with letters of proposal and pictures of ladies with clothes and things and without clothes, he says.

On the other hand, Porsche was not alone in receiving “gifts” from unknown women. Torp says he once received a pair of women’s panties.

– I considered it private, says Torp.

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