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Cristina Ferreira confessa ‘culpa pelo filho’ e recebe conselho de Sarah Ferguson

Christina Ferreira admits ‘guilt to her son’ and takes advice from Sarah Ferguson

Christina Ferreira got an interview with Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, for her magazine, “Christina”.

This Sunday, August 7, the presenter revealed a new excerpt from the conversation: More than just an interview. A conversation between two women, two stories, children, guilt, the game – wrote in the comment.

In the video, Christina Ferreira begins by saying: It’s hard to be a woman [It’s difficult to be a women]” Sarah Ferguson confirmed: “Yes. I think I came to the conclusion at the age of 62 that being ourselves is the only possible opportunity. [Yes. I think I realized at 62 that being yourself is the only thing you can possibly do]”.

TVI presenter asked: “Have you ever felt so guilty? Why did Sarah choose to be a princess? [Never felt guilty? Because ou choose to be a princess]”.

After Sarah Ferguson confessed “happy” To be able to be in “Public place”Christina Ferreira admitted: “I sometimes feel guilty trying to protect my son, and at this age, it’s hard to be Christina’s son.” [Sometimes i felt guilty. Because i try to protect my son and now, in this age, it’s difficult to be Cristina’s son]”.

The director of entertainment and fiction at the Queluz de Baixo station received “wise” advice from the “Duchess”: “You can’t say anything. Because it’s his journey and he’ll find his own way [You have no say. Because it’s his journey and he’ll find it his way]”.

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