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“Arrogante e ridícula”: Cristina Ferreira criticada após (novo) ‘recado’ sobre bronca com o casal Boa Nova

Christina Ferreira has slammed after a (new) “message” about berating the Boa Nova couple

In the final minutes of the Big Brother party this Sunday, November 21, Christina Ferreira spoke again about scolding Robin and Tatiana Boa Nova for calling their son that they agreed upon entering Big Brother 2022.

After, after Tatiana Boa Nova appears in public In regards to the ensuing controversy, Christina Ferreira took the word to leave a (new) “message” regarding the supposed couple: “And yes, they are repeat nerds. And yes, they are invited and yes all of the contestants have a contract. And yes, each contender’s contract pertains only to him“, He said.

This position on the part of the presenter deserved the criticism of the followers: “he is So arrogant that in a live concert he offends the audience for passing the canvas to a competitor🇧🇷The Christina Ferreira assuming that, yes, every contestant has a contract that belongs to him just killed our naivety once and for all🇧🇷If there were any doubts, she and this production have buried the shape of such a great show.🇧🇷TheI just assumed that the rules of the game are not the same for everyone, since every competitor has their own clauses in the contract. If that doesn’t throw the Big Brother concept into the trash, I don’t know what is.orChristina Ferrera in a word: absurdAre some of the comments that can be read on the social network Twitter.

Watch the video here🇧🇷

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