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Christina Ferreira in Parliament. Find out what he went there to do – Verveer

Cristina Ferreira was heard this afternoon in the Assembly of the Republic, where she filed a petition against gratuitous hate and assault on the Internet.

The TV presenter, as the first subscriber to the petition, explained that this document already has more than 50,000 signatures and that since the launch of the book “Pra Cima de Puta”, she has been reporting the insults she has received on social media. networks over the years. In the post, there are insults like “cow,” “superfluous,” and “arrogant,” which Christina insisted she read to those present while defending the petition.

The Director of Entertainment and Fiction at TVI also suggested creating a regulator for social networks, so that users can expose offensive situations and insults online.

“If you look at the many comment boxes that are freely and publicly available to us today, these types of comments are out there. My question is: If this happened outside of social media, what would happen? Can people complain?”Christina Ferrera said.

The petition presented was supported by the deputies present in the defence, who stated that insults aimed at the petitioner were not much different from insults they themselves received. The petition will be discussed in plenary shortly.

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