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Christina Ferreira increasingly disappointed - boil

Christina Ferreira increasingly disappointed – boil

Cristina Ferrera has always made it clear that she knows what awaits her at TVI will not be an easy task. However, since September last year, the channel presenter and director of Fiction and Entertainment have been fighting unsuccessfully for the success of her projects. The past few weeks have been particularly tough to see two of your big bets live, “All Together Now”, on Sunday evenings, and “Cristina Comvida”, Monday through Friday in the late afternoon, without being able to beat your viewers’ preferences. . Disappointing position after much personal and financial investment. In addition, the Queluz de Baixo superstar fights criticism daily, both from followers and from some of the media faces he deals with, prompting her to confirm that she can trust fewer and fewer people in the field of television.

Last week, for example, struggle with Fernanda Serrano. The actress did not like to be compared to a daughter Maria Sercoeira Gomez On the cover of “Christina” magazine she made it clear on your social networks. Fernanda emphasized the title of the post, “Two Generations of Talent,” and wrote: “Well …”. Subtle reaction, but clarified his indignation when he saw his work on TV compared to that of the 18-year-old, who will debut as an actress in the next TV series “Festa é Festa”.

In the face of adversity, Cristina Ferrera tries to keep her focus. “Being pessimistic is pointless,” he wrote. “It’s a waste of time.” João Manzara corrected: “To proceed with caution, a dose of pessimism also has its place.”

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