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Christina Ferreira wore five looks!  Clara de Souza opposes it and explains why - Nacional

Christina Ferreira wore five looks! Clara de Souza opposes it and explains why – Nacional

One month after turning 55, Clara D’Souza is preparing to present the second concert of the SIC Golden Globes.scheduled for Sunday night, at the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon. The journalist reveals, without any problems, the look she will wear, signed by her chosen designer: Joao Rollo. She will only be one, unlike Cristina Ferreira, who in 2019 was entitled to have five!

“I stand by my statement in this respect: Don’t look, I look. I don’t have dresses, I have the dress. And in which Joao is committed and devoted his heart and soul. It’s going to be a different color and style than last year, but couture is at its best, as it should be.sKaras said, adding, “The The thing I don’t do is change dresses, because that’s also stressful and takes away our energy. Then we go through hard times. Last year we were coming out of the covid pandemic, this year we have a war… We are going through a crisis, and there are people with great difficulties. That’s why I prefer to wear the dress, which is “this” dress.

Overcoming some issues that increase her emotional fragility, such as the death of her parents, and after her ability to quit smoking, which made her gain 10 kgWith age, Clara de Sousa remains calm. “Old age always brings us very good things in terms of knowledge and maturity. I don’t feel the weight of age. I know I’m getting older, I’ll be 55, but I feel good. I exercise more today than I did when I was in my 30s. I take better care of myself and don’t physically feel that kind of shift. I no longer feel tired from day to day. I noticed my skin was visibly aging, but damn it I’m alive.”

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The Golden Globe journalist still admits that there is always tension. “As long as I was safe, some tension would only remain until I could feel the atmosphere in the room and the weight of the stage. It’s a little bit like when I have big interviews. Those opening minutes are always a bit of a pressure, but from there we adapt.”

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