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Christina Ferrera claims she is the target of "aggression" by the magazines and backlash

Christina Ferrera claims she is the target of “aggression” by the magazines and backlash

COn Friday, Ferrera used her official Instagram account to respond publicly to the latest covers of some national pink magazines. Tired of headlines claiming to be “aggressive” against her, TVI’s director of novel and entertainment laments that there is no punishment in these cases.

And he begins by saying, “They say I shouldn’t share these covers, that I advertise them, and that they are still selling more like that. Yes … but that’s enough. Tired.”

“What do you want? Is there a penalty? Does the public figure’s standing allow these accusations? Imagine yourself for months, years, living with this,” he said. It should be noted that the aforementioned publication talks about “revenge, falsehood, lies and ambition.”

Did you choose this life? If this justifies this kind of aggression? No. I pity. Sad thingKristina, to which several public figures “applauded”, ends in the post’s comments.

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