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Christmas Calendar – Expensive Christmas calendars have been stolen

Christmas Calendar – Expensive Christmas calendars have been stolen

DrThere are countless advent calendars to choose from. Everything from cheap chocolate calendars to beauty calendars containing expensive products.

We are in a time where “everything” is becoming more expensive, and more people are struggling financially. However, there are many popular Christmas calendars that fly off store shelves – despite the relatively hefty price tag.

Among the calendars sold are the Linda Johansen Christmas calendar, which costs NOK 3,499 (declared value NOK 7,301), and the Caia Cosmetics calendar, which costs NOK 2,696 (declared value NOK 8,000).

“The calendars sold out very quickly, and within a month we were empty,” says May Britt, skin therapist at LNDA by Linda Johansen Skincare.

– Many of those who bought it buy calendars and products from us on a regular basis, so they save a lot in this regard. When everything else is so expensive, she says, it’s important to look for good deals. The products have a long shelf life, so you can wait a long time to buy something new.

Show tips: In the “24 Star Christmas Calendar,” participants are challenged to make the family laugh in two minutes. There are many people who are afraid to watch TV, including Øyon Krug. Reporter: Sophie Losin. Video: NRK/Nora Scavhog.
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– It can be devastating

Sensai’s Christmas calendar, which costs around NOK 4,000, is sold on several websites. The same applies to the L’Oreal Paris calendar, which costs NOK 1,299. All of Lyko’s Christmas calendars also sold out in short order. Like many other brands, Lyko has launched its own “By Lyko” advent calendars.

BEAUTY CALENDAR: Linda Johansen's Christmas calendar is among the calendars that are sold out.  Photo: Linda by Linda Johansen

BEAUTY CALENDAR: Linda Johansen’s Christmas calendar is among the calendars that are sold out. Photo: Linda by Linda Johansen
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If you feel you deserve it

Luksusfellen presenter Leni Drang believes that many treat themselves to a slightly more expensive Christmas calendar because they feel they deserve it.

-We’re in a somewhat dark and sad time, and if you feel like you’ve been good at saving money this fall, it’s easier to feel like you deserve it. I think those with young children who are worried about everything that needs to be done before Christmas feel they deserve a little daily happiness – and for many that means being able to pamper themselves with some beauty products, she says.

Many of the people behind these Christmas calendars tempt you to get all the products at a discounted price, as the value of the products is much higher than the cost of the calendar. But should this be trusted blindly?

Broad consensus: No, no at the Christmas table

Broad consensus: No, no at the Christmas table

-I recommend making an evaluation based on what you’re actually paying for. Don’t be tempted by high advance amounts, it’s the oldest sales trick in the book. This may be true, but start by looking at what you’re actually paying for, and whether you think it’s worth it. Don’t be fooled, she urges.

– But you don’t always know in advance what you’re going to get, right?

– No, you don’t always know that. I’ve gotten Christmas calendars like this myself and I think they’re so much fun – I’d be a kid again, but not all portals are equally exciting. There’s a limit to how many cleaning gloves and scented candles you need — there are often products left over from the previous year.

STANDING BACK: Swedish mega influencer Bianca Ingrosso is behind Caia Cosmetics.  Here since KK met her in Stockholm.  Photo: K.

STANDING BACK: Swedish mega influencer Bianca Ingrosso is behind Caia Cosmetics. Here since KK met her in Stockholm. Photo: K.
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Additional sales

She says that the goal of the manufacturers behind these calendars is to achieve additional sales.

-If you get a hand cream that you think is great, it’s because you’ll buy more of the product. It’s easy to get carried away, so I recommend being a little aware.

Drang believes that using the products you get in Christmas calendars as Christmas gifts for others can be a good idea.

– It’s something I really support.

All in all: Drang believes it’s okay to treat yourself to a little everyday luxury, but it depends on whether your wallet allows it or not.

-If the weather is tight and you feel a lump in your stomach because you know you’re going to spend a lot of money on Christmas parties and Christmas gifts, then maybe you should ditch the Christmas calendar this year. But at the same time: if you need a little extra to commit to, and you’re good in all possible areas, it might be worth the money.

For many, Christmas and the lead-up to Christmas are a top priority. In the time we live in, where many people are experiencing financial difficulties, it is very important to plan before Christmas and Christmas based on your finances, in order to avoid the extra and strong January cold when everyday life comes.

Christmas table: - Drop it

Christmas table: – Drop it

– I can understand that many are upset by the prices, although it is important to consider both the brand and the overall value of the products behind the doors, says KK Fashion and Beauty Editor, Ida Elise Edi Inarsdóttir.

I started slaughtering

Caia Cosmetics’ hugely popular advent calendar was taken off store shelves within a few days, and is now sold out across the board.

– They were slaughtered just a few years ago, when they released their first calendar. Now they have learned, and the calendar has almost spread.

The manufacturer claims that you “save” 66 percent if you buy a Christmas calendar – if you look at the overall value of the products. Einarsdottir isn’t entirely convinced, but she thinks a lot of people think it’s good value for money.

– I know that many people also buy such calendars to give products behind the gates as gifts.

Call details: Markus Nebbi has revealed details from the ’24-Star Christmas Calendar’. Video: NRK
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Harder competition

With more calendars on the market, competition for customers becomes more difficult, which in turn affects expectations for the appearance, content, value and price of these calendars.

– It can benefit consumers. In the past couple of years, beauty calendars have become more detailed and well-stocked, and prices have gradually become very good compared to the value of the products behind the doors, says Einarsdóttir.

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