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Imagem de: Atualização do Chrome OS 91 causa problemas em Chromebooks

Chrome OS 91 update causes problems with Chromebooks

released by The Google At the end of last month, Version 91.0.4472.147 Chrome OS 91 has some unpleasant consequences for making some models Chromebooks. Several complaints were posted in the forums on Monday (5) by the site Android Police-Decreased performance and slow playback are reported.

According to users, there were silly CPU overloads and crashes, checked immediately after installing version 91.0.4472.147. The problems persisted though the file power wash and disable all extensions. While many of the complainants did not reveal the details of their devices, the problems appear to be occurring on boards known as Grunt and Hatch.

To find out what is Chromebook pad, access to this google site and enter the name of your device. If you don’t know the model, just type chrome://version in the address bar and look for the symbolic name, which is the last word in the “Platform” line, as shown below.

Source: Android Police / ReproductionSource: Android Police

How to proceed with version 91.0.4472.147?

Anyway, it is important to note that version 91.0.4472.147 of Chrome OS تشغيل It contains some important fixes, such as an old bug that was preventing file copying and pasting in Linux applications.

So, the suggestion is not to stop installing the update, but to wait a few days, regardless of the file Chromebook version which you are using. The trend is for Google to remove the update to provide a temporary or permanent solution to the problems.

If you have already installed the update and notice anything type of problem, you can select the corresponding entry in the Chromium bug tracker. In addition, you can press Alt + Shift + i on your Chromebook to send a report to Google with a diagnosis of the faults found.

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