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Ciência Viva de Lagos celebrates 500 years since the death of Fernão de Magalhães

Ciência Viva de Lagos celebrates 500 years since the death of Fernão de Magalhães

The 500th anniversary of the death of Vernau de Magalhaes will be celebrated in Lagos, on Tuesday, the 27th, through two sessions, one with the youngest in mind and the other for the general public.

The initiative, organized by Ciência Viva Center in Lagos and the mission structure for the celebration of the bicentenary of the first cruise, will take place online.

To celebrate this date, the mission structure has developed two audiovisual projects, one dedicated to children and youth and the other to the general public, to be broadcast online, at 10 am and 6 pm on April 27, by YouTube page .

From the Ciência Viva de Lagos Center, there will be a transfer of a children’s session on what the Pacific Ocean crossing and other aspects of the legacy of Fernão de Magalhães represent, through episodic moments, interviews and pre-recorded content on various histories, scholarly and cultural topics. The session will take 2 hours.

This partnership with the Mission Structure “stems naturally from what we did already two years ago, in Pavilhão do Conhecimento, when the Magellanic Festivities began, as well as from our production of the scenographic drama” A Viagem “.

“This time, we are collaborating with this show“ A Viagem ”, or with our own production of specific audiovisual content about the Pacific Ocean, and its characteristics, from biological diversity to atmospheric phenomena, as well as the geological characteristics of the largest and oldest ocean in Terra,” explains Luis Azevedo Rodriguez , Executive Director of the Sensia Viva Center in Lagos.

During the programs, various aspects of Fernão de Magalhães’ cruise will be covered, notably what remains of his legacy which remains today from his first circumnavigation journey.

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