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Cinema: Alexandra Lamy passed "The Test", which is a new comedy

Cinema: Alexandra Lamy passed “The Test”, which is a new comedy


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A. Le Quéré, S. Gorny, N. Berthier, P. Crapoulet, L. Michel – France3

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On Wednesday, December 29, a new family comedy titled “Trial” is coming out. In this film, Alexandra Lamy plays an overweight mother of four. Meeting with the actress.

A miscarriage test stimulates the interest of Annie, the mother of a large family of detectives. “This investigation allows her to find herself. She thought she was the center of this family, but she realized that not everyone told her everything.”, Explains Alexandra Lamy, translator of the film’s main character Choose, Wednesday, December 29 in theaters.

Who owns this test? All avenues are explored and everyone’s secrets are revealed. A humorous joke about teenagers and their parents, in which the actors enhance certain parts of the scene for more realism. “I felt like I was arguing with my mom so the words came out easily”, Says actress Chloé Barkoff-Gaillard. The test reveals some amazing portraits and the looks are often deceptive. Even for Philip Katherine, a father of three, the film deals with family relationships.

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