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Cinema and science: international relations and the environment

Cinema and science: international relations and the environment

NS cinema and science It is the result of the partnership between cinematographic it’s the MM Gerdau – Museum of Mines and Metal. In this episode we discuss films that talk about the environment. Our focus is on pollution and the climate crisis, and how these very urgent issues are addressed from an international relations point of view.

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Due to the limitations of the Museum’s operation due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, this edition was held online, with a live broadcast by Museum YouTube channel. The live chat took place on September 9, 2021 (the video recording can be seen below).

Among the films discussed are the documentaries “Uma Verdade Inconveniente”, “Oceanos delástico” and “Extraordinary Garbage” as well as feature films such as “O Menino que Descobriu o Vento” and “O Impossível”. Building on this work, we discussed issues such as global warming, forests, waste accumulation and disposal, including water pollution.

To chat about movies and other topics related to the topic, Renato Silvera NS Kill Gomez to receive Leticia BritoResearcher and PhD in International Relations. And the display of the conversation is Marina Andrade, CoMscience Program Coordinator at MM Gerdau.

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