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Citizens against the end of the yellow line criticize the beginning of the "generalization" project - transportation

Citizens against the end of the yellow line criticize the beginning of the “generalization” project – transportation

The so-called Citizen Movement against the End of the Yellow Line considered Wednesday “a day to forget the democratic state of law”, as a reaction to the shipment of the circular line works for the Lisbon metro.

“Today [quarta-feira] The end of the yellow line begins with the entrustment of the construction work of the Lisbon Metro Ring Line. In a statement sent to Agência Lusa on Wednesday, she wrote that irrationality, legality, marginalization and lies have been retaliated, with the consent of those who have an obligation to supervise law enforcement.

In its text, the movement accuses Environment Minister Mattos Fernandez of not respecting Article 282 of the State Budget Law for 2020 and Republic Assembly Resolution No. 167/2019 of July 19. In the first document, which has already expired, it was stated that “During 2020, the government is promoting the necessary measures with Metropolitano de Lisboa, EPE, to suspend the construction of the circular line between Quay Sodri and Campo Grande, priority should be given to expanding the metro network to Lloris. As well as to Alcantara and the western region of Lisbon. “

The second, on the other hand, “recommends that the government make an effective investment in the Metropolitano de Lisbon and an expansion plan that truly serves the population, with the project to extend the ring line suspended.”

Instead, the movement proposes to extend the Yellow Line to Alcântara to the southwest and to Loures to the northeast and the Green Line to Pontinha and Blue to Amadora-Sintra Hospital.

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It also defends the ring line, “where it makes sense”, that is, “not in the city center but within its boundaries and for this reason the red line can serve Al Jais – Restelo – Belém – Agoda – Amoreras / Campolide – São Sebastião – Saldanha – Alameda – Oriente – Airport – Campo Grande – Pontina – Benfica – Al Farajid – Al Jis.