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City Hall holds Social Mobilization Week for Arbovirus control measures

City Hall holds Social Mobilization Week for Arbovirus control measures

Lovira City Hall is holding a Social Mobilization Week to Combat Arboviruses, an initiative of the state government. From November 27 to December 2, the health surveillance team will conduct visits to commercial establishments to raise awareness of the topic, in addition to including the topic in the Boteco Chat that will take place on Thursday (29) and Friday (30). With the aim of improving the services provided, the surveillance team will participate in a symposium entitled “Surveillance Strategy and Intensification of Arbovirus Control in Urban Areas.”

Arboviruses are diseases caused by insects, such as dengue, Zika, chikungunya, and yellow fever.

As a form of awareness and control, the Center for the Control of Zoonoses (CCZ) is implementing a series of measures. A specialized team periodically visits residential and commercial properties to provide guidance on symptoms of diseases transmitted mainly by mosquitoes, such as dengue fever, in addition to prevention and control measures at breeding sites, inspections at strategic points, closure of breeding sites and the use of larvicides in non-containing containers. Can be removed.

During the visits, one of the goals is to raise awareness among the people around them about precautions to combat mosquito breeding sites. In addition to applying larvicides to containers, some samples are collected for analysis in the laboratory to identify areas that need more attention and support.

How do you prevent yourself?

– Covering barrels and water tanks.
– Always keep your gutters clean;
– Always leave bottles or other containers upside down;
– Keep litter boxes well covered;
– Leave drains clean and equipped with nets;
– Clean plant pots weekly or fill them with sand;
– Cleaning animals’ water bowls using a brush or loofah;
– Remove water accumulated in the washing area or in places such as the back of the washing machine.
– Covering and performing regular maintenance of swimming pool areas.
– Cleaning drains and external channels.
– Be careful with bromeliads, cacti and other plants that can accumulate water;
– Use tightly-tightened fabrics to cover things and avoid forming puddles of water;
– Keep items that can accumulate water, such as tires, covered or upside down so the water doesn’t remain standing.

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