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City of Science - All professionals and students awarded OneMorePack 2022

City of Science – All professionals and students awarded OneMorePack 2022

City of Science – All professionals and students awarded OneMorePack 2022

The winners of the two competitions, for professionals and students, have been announced for the OneMorePack Prize 2022. The ceremony took place on Thursday 9 June during the Packaging Design Forum promoted and organized by Gráfica Metelliana. This year, credentials have access to the exhibition with news partners, the exhibition of short projects and the Newton Hall in Citta della Senza, Naples, for the interventions of exceptional speakers: Fabio Papilloni, Professor of Neuroeconomics and Neuromarketing at La Universidad Sapienza in Rome, Scientific Director of Brain Markers; Matteo Leonti, Managing Director of Smith Lumen Creative Agency.

3 students worked on stage and designed the models according to the brief issued in collaboration with Malafronte. €2,500 total premiums paid to them through work grants and vouchers for the purchase of professional technologies.

Third Prize Students:

Claudio Crescenzo, Academy of Fine Arts of Naples

Second place students:

Federica Lumini, Academy of Fine Arts of Naples

Students first:

Angelo Manna, Academy of Fine Arts of Naples

Also this year, many designers, communication agencies and companies from all over Italy applied. 2 winners in 2 categories, 5 mentions indicated by the technical jury, 1 male dedicated to online voting. The results were compiled and released only on June 9, during the 2022 edition of the Forum, in the presence of a notary.

1st place packaging: Kiton exclusive gift box, Studio Sintesi + Studiolibero

Reason: refinement of construction and technical execution. Achieve the communication goals of the brand that, through the current packaging concept, convey history and solidity

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1st Place Poster: Vesuvius, Basile AD

Motivation: the relationship between the poster’s perspective and the poster’s back, thus defining the silhouette of Vesuvius, an interesting and iconic image of the land of Naples. Along with the shape of the bottle, it preserves the history and flavors of the place.

Graphic design assignment: Delfino Battista bags, advertising volume

Reason: the original selection of the graphic sign, the original for the delivery of the product “colatura di alici”. For the elegance of the packaging, the simplicity of the illustrations and the reference colors chosen.

Territory Signal Tale: Indigenous Antico Rosso di Campagnano, Arcadia

Reason: For the front hatch, mark the logo and Volturno River. To choose colored copper foil. For the special character, take the whole bottle on the shelf

Job Alert: Lungo Food and Wine, Basile ADV

Reason: To simplify the solution and its functionality. The tape, which serves as a handle, is inserted into the openings of the initial packaging, allowing at the same time to distinguish between different references, making the product transportable without the help of the shopper and facilitating recycling for the end user.

Narrative testimonial: Sicilian Panettone di Stefano, Manufacture 01

Motivation: To restore the distinctive elements of the traditional Sicilian icon painting style. A modern and successful proposal for the land, natural and archaeological heritage. Choosing the closure indicating the idea of ​​the paper bag and highlighting the handmade idea of ​​the product

Male Legacy: Jay Auden Packaging, Antville

Reason: Redesign and update starting with historical image restoration. For the recognition and authenticity that the brand continues to possess in new packaging solutions

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Gay Odin’s packaging was also noted for “Online Audience Appreciation”, after the votes collected on the website

“After a year off in 2020 and a digital version in 2021, getting back to organizing the event in person has been a challenge, and at first we didn’t know what to expect. The enthusiasm of the partners and all of our support and participants we’ve had, makes us say the balance of this version is definitely positive. ‘ The organizers commented in unison.

OneMorePack is now the key moment for discussion and engagement in southern Italy on packaging design for creators, marketers, communication agencies, students, designers and businesses. “We will start working immediately – confirms Iole Preziosi, Marketing Director of Gráfica Metelliana – to find new and complementary news and perspectives, always allowing us to offer a different and innovative event.”