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Civic platform with new vice presidents.  Among them, among others are Kobax and Arkovich |  Policy

Civic platform with new vice presidents. Among them, among others are Kobax and Arkovich | Policy

Until now, the Civic Platform’s Vice President’s Board consisted of Boris Budka, former President of the Civic Platform, now President of the Go Club, and Tomas Simoniak, former Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of National Defense. And Mayor of Warsaw, Rafal Trusskovsky.

The number of vice presidents rose to 10 on Saturday.

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As decided by the National Council, the Vice Presidents: MEPs Bartosz Arłukowicz and Ewa Kopacz, Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska, Members of Parliament: Izabela Leszczyna, Dorota Niedziela, Marzena Okreezelow.

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Don’t want to collaborate with Hołownia PO? We ask Donald Tusk about this

PO Country Council. Ivory on “electoral control”

During the National Council in Warsaw on Saturday, PO leader Donald Tusk unveiled details of a plan to control the next parliamentary election. He spoke about his purpose during the Polska Przyszłość campus in Olsztyn a few months ago.

– I assign a task to the leaders of the PO regions, this task should be completed by the end of February, which is very demanding. It is a task, thanks to which the representative of the civic base will be without exception in every Electoral Commission or Electoral Commission, and if the map shows that we do not have such a representative, the trustee – said. Party leader.

Tusk announces election control plan. “I assign a task to the leaders of the PO areas”

“Take it very seriously,” he added. The politician noted that the size of the project would be substantial. In the province of Zachodniopomorskie means 1123 people. Lubuski 720, 2,700 in Silesia.

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Donald Dusk also announced. Organization of seven conferences to formulate a “plan for tomorrow”.

PO Country CouncilIvory: Let’s identify that no one is lonely. “Moment of Silence” at the PO National Council

– This will be the project of PO and the communities associated with us at this time after the success, in which I deeply believe. The first conference will be dedicated to “flexible Poland” and I’m not just talking about anti – Blake. Every Congress will be held in a different voidship – he stressed.

At the same time, Dusk appealed to the opposition to “find what is common and what is common.” – We will forget what separates us – he said.