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Civilians take the place of the military and make the Airbus A330 fly to beach destinations

Civilians take the place of the military and make the Airbus A330 fly to beach destinations

Photo: Jet2

As Europe’s summer peak season approaches and travel demand increases, airlines are returning their planes to the skies after two tough years of the pandemic. However, the fleet owned by the company is not always enough to handle the number of passengers. This is the case low cost British company Jet 2, which asked for “help” in a company that was transporting military personnel.

A few weeks ago, Jet2 signed a contract with Air Tanker to integrate two 327-seat Airbus A330s, which will be dedicated to holiday flights to beach destinations, including Mallorca, Faro, Tenerife, Antalya and Dalaman. The idea is that the planes will stay with Jet2 until October, when they are brought back.

So far, there is nothing unusual, except for the fact that Air Tanker is a company that mainly provides services to the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom (Royal Air Force), transporting British soldiers and other military personnel around the world. Although the company is private, its headquarters and operating base are at Brize Norton Air Force Base, near Oxford.

However, she is not prohibited from renting her plane to others. players Civilians, as is now the case with Jet2 and has done in the past with Thomas Cook, Tuifly and Eurowings. In fact, one of the aircraft, which was previously all painted white, is now fully featured in colour low cost British, as shown in the photo above.

Tony Carder, Director of Sales, AirTanker, said in a recent statement: “We are pleased to be back to work on behalf of With two planes for the summer season and we look forward to providing a high level of service to our customers. It is great to have two aircraft placed on stable leases after two challenging years in the commercial market, and we look forward to a successful summer ahead.”

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