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Clarify doubts - VG

Clarify doubts – VG

Killer: Einar, pictured here in 2019.

The criminology professor estimates there is about a 20 percent chance that the Swedish police will arrest the perpetrators of the 19-year-old rapper’s murder.


Late Thursday Night Nils Kurt Eric Einar Grunberg (19), better known as rap artist Einar, shot dead In Hammarby, south of Stockholm, as witnesses pointed out pure execution.

At the time of writing, the police have not arrested anyone for the murder, nor have they come up with specific theories as to the cause or name of any suspects. Many people are caught.

High-ranking Swedish criminology professor Leif JW Persson is not optimistic about the opportunity to clarify the case.

– Maybe 20 percent, and if the perpetrators are younger than 18, they risk a somewhat insignificant punishment, says Pearson to Swedish TV4.

I think Einar trusted them

However, he believes that the police may have a good idea of ​​who is behind the murder, and believes that it may have been carried out by younger individuals on the outskirts of the gang environment with which Einar was in conflict.

They want to put themselves on the map, and all the leaders in longer sentences. It is easy to steer from the institutions, otherwise you have to take your own initiatives to rise when the usual leadership is absent. This is what we have not succeeded in breaking up.

SKEPTIC: Liv JW Pearson.

Pearson further says that he believes the murder was planned, and that Einar may have agreed to the meeting that ended up costing him his life.

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– Someone knows him and in this context trust, the crime expert believes.

Fear and suffering

The murder shook Sweden, and it is being discussed at the highest political level.

On Monday morning, Interior Minister Michael Damberg commented on the case, directing a shot at the environment Einar frequented.

– I was shocked that another murder occurred in Sweden and that a young man lost his life. But this is someone who lived in a very dangerous environment for a long time and filmed it himself, Damberg tells Radio Sweden P1.

Shocked: Swedish Interior Minister Michael Damberg.

The Minister of the Interior believes that there is a dangerous glorification of gang culture among the youth.

It is believed that life with drugs involves a lot of money, nice hours and expensive travel, while the reality in these gangster environments is full of fear and suffering.

Damberg believes that the political debate should now revolve around how to prevent recruitment in gang environments.

– You lure young people or force them, and this is dangerous. We must catch up with people when things start to go awry, or else we will not control this violence.

upset mothers

So far in 2021, at least 40 people have been killed by gunfire in Sweden. Nine of these killings occurred in Järva, Stockholm. There is now a mood of rebellion among relatives reacting to all the interest surrounding Einar’s murder, according to police.

– Police District Director Risa Seydoux says what is most disturbing is the mothers who have lost their children SVT.

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Mothers feel that their children’s lives are not as valuable as Einar’s, she says.

In Melancholy: Organ Ramberg.

Among the many who mourned the 19-year-old was actor Organ Ramberg.

He is the father of Einár’s older half-brother, and he played a role as Einár’s father in a play in which they both participated in Dramaten a few years ago.

– It’s so awful, and I feel so sad, says Ramberg Aftonbladet.

– I had a lot to do with him. He was incredibly talented.

In the aftermath of the murder, the rapper’s music reached new levels of popularity in Sweden.

On Saturday, Einar’s songs came in second, third and fifth place Swedish Spotify List; His songs also took all places from ninth to twelfth.