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Classic Sonic games are back in June

A reimagined bundle of Sonic’s most important adventures.

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It’s 31 years old My voice which we celebrate in 2022. And in celebration, Sega Prepare to restart Sonic the Hedgehog 1And twoAnd sonic 3 and knuckles And audio CD In a new package ready for all modern platforms.

It’s another set that can be added to many other re-releases, and one that obviously comes with new features. at Sonic OriginsPlayers will have access to trophies, new achievements, collectibles, exclusive animated shorts, new game modes, challenges, and some visual improvements. But don’t expect a visual revolution or anything close to a file sonic mania. These are the old games, but now with full screen playability and with new improvements and mechanical twists, in a new mode called Anniversary, which also gives access to unlimited lives.

Sonic Origins allows players to control Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles across all games and marks the first Sonic CD re-release since 2011.

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