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Claudio Ramos and Maria Botelho Muniz angry live: "This is a shame..."

Claudio Ramos and Maria Botelho Muniz angry live: “This is a shame…”

On Friday, April 8, Claudio Ramos and Maria Botelho Muniz on “Dois at 10” received the testimony of Carolina who came to report the difficult phase her husband is going through because he suffers from cancer and does not receive any kind of support. To pay for not having a reconstruction in his mouth.

During the conversation, looking at the submitted report, Maria Botelho Muniz expressed her dissatisfaction with the incorrect position of Social Security in Viseu, where the spouses live: “Knowing from his account of the condition he is in, seeing these pictures and realizing the condition he is in, he is still obligated to attend to show that he is ill. this is embarrassing! How is that possible?“.

Claudio Ramos also “demanded” a response to this entity: “I’m still waiting for them to tell me, really because I don’t know, whether Viseu Social Security forces this citizen to be bedridden in these circumstances every two weeks so that his sick leave is not interrupted. I would really like someone to justify us and say why. This person is on Viseu . Social Security“, He said.

Because I don’t want to believe that the techniques that evaluate this topic sometimes look at it as a number and a role. We are not a number and we are not a role, it is someone who contributedThe announcer said, while Maria Botelho Muniz added: “Whoever sends us an explanation or an answer, because such a matter is shameful“.

Watch the video here.