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Clippers blow Dallas, advance to the semifinals of the NBA Western Conference

Clippers blow Dallas, advance to the semifinals of the NBA Western Conference

For this unique and explosive game 7 of the first round of the play-offs, both Dallas and Los Angeles Clippers met Sunday night without being able to win at home, for the first time in NBA history. With the exception of the Clippers rule, they won against Mavericks (126-111) to advance to the semifinals of the Western Conference.

The salvation of the clippers came from those who were in the shadows, as Kavi Leonard and Paul George expected. Impressive in defense and effective in attack, the young full-back Terence Mann returned for half with 13 points and 3 restarts, totaling his two leaders. Against that backdrop, Marcus Morris and Nicola Bottom (9 points each) confirmed Los Angeles ’good first-half lead.

This trend continued into the second quarter as several Morris three-point baskets entered the third quarter and made good use of Bottom’s versatility. At the end of the third quarter, Luke Kennard (4/5 three points), who had been banned from the first two games, finished the Mavericks with almost two devastating three-point baskets. Finally, Reggie Jackson crucified Dallas with a new three-pointer in less than two minutes.

The worst thing is that from the third quarter onwards the Mavericks abandoned their game patterns and were satisfied with the Slovenes ’exploits … three points (10/36) very strained, Rick Carlisle’s men drowning in the worst times. After leading 2-0 and 3-2, Dallas released a new victory in the first round, stomach rage.