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Cloning of the €50 Apple Watch Ultra succeeds

Cloning of the €50 Apple Watch Ultra succeeds

An Indian company called Pebble (no relation to the old Pebble, long ago absorbed by FitBit, which now belongs to Google) decided to release a version of the popular and expensive Apple Watch Ultra, and truth be told, in plain sight, it passes well as the real watch. .. And, of course, for this very reason, it is a sales success.

Cloning of the €50 Apple Watch Ultra succeeds

Therefore, the Pebble Cosmos Engage It has a 1.95-inch IPS display with Always-On feature, capable of reaching 600 nits of brightness, with a resolution of 320 * 385. In terms of design, we have a metal body, with a rough look that, in fact, is very attractive. All of the wristbands are very similar to what Apple offers in the “real deal”.

In addition to all this, Pebble guarantees that the watch supports Bluetooth calls, has 5 days of autonomy, and is IP67 certified. As usual, the basic sensors of any smartwatch to monitor sleep, blood oxygen, and heart rate are also guaranteed.

The price is more or less 50 euros, while the Apple Watch Ultra costs more than 900 euros in Portuguese stores. And that is exactly why this watch is so successful! Ultimately, despite the fact that you’ll obviously never have an experience that even resembles a real Apple Watch, or any other ‘serious’ smartwatch, we have a lot of good people betting on this Pebble, because of its looks, and its ‘cheat’ potential. Opinions sharpen.

Having something for Apple always equals prestige. This is why we always see some companies like Pebble, betting on products that are able to offer a part of that experience.

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Also, can you buy this fake Apple Watch for €50? When we already have so many good smartwatches at this price, or a little more expensive than this? Share your opinion in the comment box below.