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Clubhouse Android novidades números

Clubhouse on Android continues to grow and features are on the way

After being limited to iOS for several months, Clubhouse came to Android and is unique of its kind. Every week that goes by there are many users who are expecting the same success as before.

Although it is still a long way from the iOS numbers, it is still hitting milestones and beating new numbers. So, from what they have revealed now, Clubhouse on Android continues to grow and new features are on the way.

Important access to the Android world

The club was entered online very cautiously. The choice fell on iOS, where limited access was added through the invite scheme, to grow in a phased, disciplined way.

Months later, the expected decision to move closer to Android came, as they also appeared in a timid and incremental way. The idea was to keep the same progress and ensure new users in a controlled and staged manner. The most recent data shows that they are investigating this.

Staggering growth numbers

A recent post on the Clubhouse Twitter account showed the most recent data from the Android version. Just one week later Hits With the goal of 1 million users, they were able to double that value and reach the excellent target of 2 million users.

With this value comes a new target area for the Android version of Clubhouse. The idea of ​​the next releases is to bring features closer between the two current versions thus ensuring greater uniformity for users.

Many news on the way to the club

With no scheduled launch date, Clubhouse marks its arrival for the summer. He warned of the fact that this news will not receive much attention and will mainly focus on discovery and alerts.

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Although some give the club a name Being decomposedThe truth is, these Android numbers show the opposite. In just one week, the number of Android users has doubled and they are preparing to bring in more news very soon.