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CNN Portugal: Eder suspected of tax fraud in an out-of-game operation

CNN Portugal: Eder suspected of tax fraud in an out-of-game operation

Eder, the Portuguese international who scored the winning goal for Portugal over France in the Euro 2016 final, is suspected of tax evasion. The news, which advanced from Monday to Saturday, Confirmed by CNN Portugal.

The subject of the dispute is debts from 2012 to the Tax and Social Security Authority.

Eder was even one of the targets by the exit process and was in the crosshairs of the inspectors who searched Braga Sp. last week.

“Within the scope of this investigation, the joint work of Éderzito António Macedo Lopez, Sporting Club de Braga, ‘Idoloásis, Unipessoal, Lda’, Mohamed Afzal, ‘FMA, FZE International Sports Agency’ and Nadine Aboobakar Mahmood to conceal income were investigated, He reads the search warrant cited by Sabado.

Prosecutors suspect that between late 2011 and early 2012, Eder resorted to a fraudulent contract scheme to evade taxes. After signing a business contract with Académica de Coimbra, in December 2011, Eder, his agent Mohamed Afzal and Idoloásis’ company, Unipessoal, Lda signed an agreement with Sporting de Braga that would transfer 50% of Minhoto FC’s economic rights allegedly acquired by Idoloásis.

But the public ministry believes it was a simulated deal: Eder represented the Academia de Coimbra, who had already agreed to transfer the player to England, to West Ham. But Eder did not sign this contract and reached an agreement with Braga to play for Minho. for four seasons.

And so Eder simulated the sale of economic rights in order to “reduce a portion of the contributions to Social Security and the tax deduction,” the MP wrote, citing Sabado: The purpose of this sale was “to pay the sums that the professional footballer would demand as a premium subscription and, accordingly, the income of the business.” subordinate”. And so Sp. de Braga had a greater margin to negotiate, and was able to reduce taxes to the IRS.

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When Eder was sold in 2015 to Swansea for €6.7 million, Idoloásis cashed 10% of the sale value, which in the meantime passed to Dubai-based Fam FZE, represented by Nadine Jadet. According to Sábado, Gadyt is Muhammed Afzal’s cousin and is registered as a player agent in Portugal. The player currently represents the Saudi pioneer, who did not reveal the duration of the contract linking Eder with the club.

Last week, the Attorney General’s Office confirmed, through a statement, that more than two dozen home and non-home searches were carried out following investigations into football deals.

The searches were carried out with the support of the Department of Fraud Investigation and Special Procedures of the IRS, and were conducted on the premises of the Sports Limited Company, in companies and in a law firm.

“In the case, there are suspected simulated deals, made between football clubs and third parties, with the aim of concealing income from affiliated employment, which is subject to declaration and tax withholding, in the context of the IRS, involving professional footballers. The amounts involved would be approximately 15 million euros. The facts under investigation are likely to include tax fraud, social security fraud and money laundering,” revealed a memorandum from the Public Prosecution Office.