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Coates: "From Braga, we learned that we would be heroes"

Coates: “From Braga, we learned that we would be heroes”

Sebastian Coates, a sports player, spoke to TVI 24 minutes after the match with Boavista and winning the national champion title. Lyon defender was “in the studios” of Queluz de Baixo via 5G:

[Sobre a gestão dos últimos minutos do jogo?]

“Obviously when we went to the field we knew what we were playing, but we had to be calm and calm, knowing that we had a great team. We played our game, we created situations and we have many opportunities to ‘kill’ the game. In the last ten minutes we gave them the ball. “We suffered a little, but the work of the whole team and what we presented day after day was essential to this victory.”

[Qual foi o segredo para esta conquista?]

“We have always believed in our team. We know it’s a very long tournament, but we had to keep calm and go match after game. Today we celebrate and a lot of people who didn’t believe us might have given us the strength to face all the matches.

[Sentiu desde o início que o Sporting era candidato ao título?]

“I don’t like using this word. I always believed in this team. The worst moment we had this season was against LASK, some players have been through the Coronavirus, but that has given the team strength. We are just winners and now we are celebrating. ”

[Melhor temporada no Sporting a nível individual. Sente-se um dos principais obreiros do título?]

“All of the players have had good times and bad times. But I always start working out and never take my arm. Today I am celebrating, and as I said before, there were a lot of people who helped me. My family and many friends are in Sporting: Acuna, Battaglia, Vito, Brian Ruiz, Ezequiel [Schelotto]Boats … I had a lot of people by my side and that also helps move forward. »

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[O que acrescentou Ruben Amorim ao Sporting?]

“I presented his idea, he is a coach who gave a lot of confidence to the team. He and his aides. I think everyday life was very important. The confidence that was conveyed to the players was very important and that is why we celebrate. ”

[Quando sentiu que o título já não fugia?]

“Today [risos]. No: Like I said, we believed in our team a lot. It was great to win in Braga like we won and it was Plus For the team. Since then, we have learned that we will be champions. »