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Coca-Cola assistant can bring down Trump

Coca-Cola assistant can bring down Trump

A photo taken during a golf tournament a few weeks ago is going around the world. A man leans towards Donald Trump and points to a white tank.

Trump’s loyal advisor, Walt Nauta, learned the day before that he was under investigation as an accessory in the most serious case against Trump yet: withholding classified documents and actively resisting authorities.

Naota has been charged, and the prosecution has now released the charges against him. It could be the evidence that brings Trump down.

Defendant in Miami: – It’s a disaster

Stand ready at the door

The photo from the golf tournament was described as a symbol of closeness and intimacy between the two, according to the newspaper. New York times.

The newspaper said that the 40-year-old is described as calm, conscientious and shy of conflict Washington Post.

Few said the same about his boss.

Walt Nauta’s aunt claims to the newspaper that he only followed Trump’s instructions.

Nota is now accused of perjury, conspiracy against the authorities and concealment of classified documents.

Dangerous for Trump

Dangerous for Trump

Sugar free cola

The two met at a White House service. Then Walt Naota became a permanent assistant to the then president in the Oval Office.

When Trump was thirsty, Naota was his regular assistant on a “diet cola” program, the magazine wrote. New York Intelligencer. He stood outside the door to the Oval Office, staff said, waiting, ready, with a Trump jacket and everything he needed Washington Post.

When Trump resigned, the military veteran left the Navy and became a civilian, in order to serve Trump further in his new presence in Florida.

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There, among other tasks, he had to move and carry boxes. It may have caused him to stumble.

I got an interesting message

I got an interesting message

Risky prison

Trump is accused of taking classified documents to his Mar-a-Lago club house in Florida. He is also said to have opposed reinstating it after his presidency.

Trump is on trial over his handling of classified documents found in his home after he resigned as president. Photo: NTB
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This is described as the big difference between the Trump case and the case of President Joe Biden and former Vice President Mike Pence.

These two people also had secret documents, but then they cooperated with the authorities.

If convicted, Trump faces a lengthy prison sentence.

At the same time, he wants to become the Republican presidential candidate.

Prosecutors allege that Trump asked Walt Nauta to move boxes of documents to hide them from the FBI, the grand jury, and Trump’s lawyers.

He had secret documents in the bathroom

He had secret documents in the bathroom

I confess

According to the newspaper Washington Post Naota initially denied any knowledge of the classified documents.

But in other interrogations, he allegedly admitted moving the boxes on Trump’s instructions. According to the newspaper, there are video footage from Florida confirming this.

Thus, he may have provided the prosecution with the necessary evidence that Trump knowingly and knowingly withheld classified documents.

Bathroom filled: This is what one of the bathrooms in Mar-a-Lago looked like.  Photo: Department of Justice via AP/NTB

Bathroom filled: This is what one of the bathrooms in Mar-a-Lago looked like. Photo: Department of Justice via AP/NTB
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Investigators found the documents in several places at Mar-a-Lago, including in the banquet hall, in the bathroom and in the bathroom, write The New York Times. The US Department of Justice said on Friday that this could endanger US national security.

Neither a Trump spokesperson nor a NAOTA spokesperson will respond to The Washington Post’s questions about NAOTA’s service to Trump. But Trump’s spokesperson boasts Naota’s “unique talent, experience and professionalism” to the skies:

“There is no one else more qualified to take on this job than Mr. Naota,” he tells The Washington Post.