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Cod helps prevent cardiovascular disease |  Science and health

Cod helps prevent cardiovascular disease | Science and health

Cod helps prevent cardiovascular disease – Image: Unsplash

a Run to the fishmongers It is a ritual during Holy Week, a period in which some Christians give up red meat and resort to fish, many of them cod, indispensable on the tables of those who wish to preserve the tradition. High in protein and low in fat, fish is a great ally when it comes to preventing cardiovascular disease and improving the immune system.

According to experts heard by Estadão, cod, which is an example of lean fish, is rich in minerals such as iron and phosphorus, and contains in its composition Omega 3.

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The study was published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition They indicate that the nutrient can increase life expectancy, especially among non-smokers. The work, which was involved in the Hospital Del Mar Institute for Medical Research (IMIM), was based on data from a long-term study group that had been observing residents of Massachusetts, in the US, since 1971.

According to studies, the most productive diet for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases is the one that contains a group of polyunsaturated fatty acids such as EPA and DHA, explained the President of the Brazilian Association of Nutrition (ABRAN) Durval Ribas Filho.

According to him, omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, mainly found in saltwater fish, reduce triglycerides, that is, fats in the bloodstream that are directly related to metabolic syndrome, such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular and arterial risks. Hypertension. “

Cod should be more present on the Brazilian table, ”he says. For Chief Abran, the ideal is that the nutrient consumption should be around 200 grams per week.

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In general, fish should be more present on the Brazilian table, says Dr. Gerson Louise Bredt Jr., member of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology (SBC). “It is very common for people to spend months eating protein every day, but mainly beef, pork and chicken. Fish contains a lot of protein, plus vitamins, zinc, selenium and good omega-3 fats. “.

Although cod provides health benefits, experts caution against the high salt content of this type of fish. It is recommended to desalinate the fish with potable water, in cooling at a temperature of up to 5 ° C or by boiling.