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Cody Rhodes explains why he's coming back to WWE

Cody Rhodes explains why he’s coming back to WWE

a Cody Rhodes returns to WWE It was a hot topic at the moment, as the overnight fighter became one of the stars most talked about existing From Vince McMahon.

In an interview with bump“American Nightmare” explained the reason for his decision to return to WWE.

It was the right time I don’t know how to explain it any other way, because it was the right time. I loved and so proud of what I was doing, I know people don’t live in a bubble, I come from another company and I love everything about that company, but I needed to move on.

I was able to talk a little bit about it in rawwhich is amazing, because I was able to speak without a script and had the opportunity to tell a story about my father, the title, and what was the basis of my dream of being a fighter.

Getting a chance to say that to the world was something very special and fun.

In the same conversation, Cody Rhodes also mentioned that he has a limited number of years to stay wrestlingrecalled that he said multiple times that he only wanted to fight until he was 40, and he’s 36 right now.

This is part of Cody Rhodes’ statement on The Bump:

Did you expect this response from Cody Rhodes?

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