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Cody Rhodes talks about changing the WWE title

Cody Rhodes talks about changing the WWE title

During Night 2 of WrestleMania XL, Cody Rhodes ended his storyline by defeating Roman Reigns in a Dynasty Rules match and winning the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

A big part of the “American Nightmare” story is him becoming the first member of the Rhodes family to become a WWE World Champion, something neither his father nor his brother were able to do.

In the post-WrestleMania XL press conference, Cody Rhodes revealed what he would tell his father Dusty Rhodes if he were alive.

This Monday, Cody Rhodes posted on Twitter a photo of the Undisputed WWE World Championship next to the WWWF Heavyweight Championship that his father came close to winning in 1983.

In the description, the new world champion noted this “When a good story ends, a better story begins.”which is seen as Harasses Possible change of address.

A few days ago, Cody Rhodes stated that he would change the title if he won it to the WWE Championship only, and a year ago he did so Harasses To use a design old.

Do you think Cody Rhodes will change his look? design Or the undisputed WWE World Championship title?

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